Book tour in China

I visited China for eight days for an invited book tour.  The book, titled Fabricated:  the new world of 3D printing, was translated into Chinese a few months ago.  Our publisher hadn’t told us any more than that, so when my co-author, Hod Lipson, and I got off the plane in Bejing’s airport after a […]

Preaching the gospel of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the new economic gospel, offering its disciples the promise of redemption in the form of freedom from the dull, plodding and ultimately meaningless work that characterizes an old-fashioned “9 to 5.”  Don’t get me wrong.  Few would disagree with the notion that a life spent as a wage slave to a dead-end job […]

Industrial revolution? Maybe

I spoke at the Oak Ridge National Labs about 3D printing and industrial revolution.  Here’s what I said. The first industrial revolution took root about 200 years ago in England. Steam powered machines were used to pump water out of underground coal mines, dramatically increasing coal mining productivity.  Cheap and abundant coal then made it […]

Innovative technology, jobs and the razor’s edge

According to the Wall Street Journal, the unemployment rate in the U.S. is nearly 8%.  For people under age 25 unemployment is 16%.  In Greece, the employment rate is 26%, double for young adults at 58%;  Spain and Italy have similar unemployment challenges. What is making jobs in economically developed nations disappear?  Could it be […]

A new chapter

This is the end of something old and the start of something new.  This new blog is called “Sailing West.”  It will be about new ideas and game changing technologies. My former blog, Tech Transfer 2.0, like all good things, has come to an end.  I recently closed Tech Transfer 2.0 (after two years!) and […]