My name is Melba Kurman.  I write and speak about artificial intelligence and other data-driven technologies that enrich and challenge our lives.

My special interests include driverless vehicles, 3D printing and smart cities.   I am the co-author of two books, Fabricated, the New World of 3D Printing and Driverless and the author of several articles  (see the whole list here).  I have been interviewed on NPR, Politico and other major media venues and have spoken to audiences all over the world.

I am currently working on my third book, this one about driverless vehicles, that explores the future of AI-infused personal mobility and its effect on the automotive industry, e-commerce and city living.

My past careers include being a product manager at Microsoft and working at Cornell University.  I am a graduate of Cornell University, the University of Illinois’s iSchool and the U.S. Peace Corps (Liberia, West Africa). I was born in Helsinki, and am a proud first-generation American-Estonian.

I live and work in New York City.

Follow me on twitter @melbakurman